New Thing #136: Shadows In Color

Shadow_In_ColorI took this picture following my daughter's dance recital more than a week ago. I figured one day when the ol' creativity well ran a little bit dry I could use it as a New Thing.

Which is not to say I don't like the picture - I really do.

It's just that I realize it's a little bit of a stretch to use it as a New Thing.

But here we are.

One disclaimer - I know when I started this project I didn't intend to post a New Thing a day. By the end of the year I was going to have 365, and if that meant I missed a few days and then made up for it with a few posts in a day, well, that's what I would do.

But I've gone 135 straight days now, and I kind of want to try to go 365 straight.

But it's a tough time of year. I don't know if you remember last May, but May is a tough month with everything going on at school. Last May was so tough, I almost missed Johan Santana's no-hitter because it was on Friday, June 1st, and that day I was just so happy May was over that I went out for a little bit just to catch my breath and I didn't get home until the middle of the 5th inning.

But I digress. Here we are halfway through May, and I'm doing OK. I just haven't been experiencing a ton of New.

Except for snapping this picture.

We celebrated the recital at my daughter's favorite restaurant: Margarita's. My two oldest daughters got balloons there. I don't know that I've noticed all that much when a shadow is anything but black. But for some reason this one stood out to me more than most.

So I took a picture.

And now that I think of it, it reminds me of this picture I took a couple of years ago:



Except there's color. And that's pretty rare. So. New Thing.