New Thing #147: Of Monsters And Men

Of_Monsters_And_MenWhat do you get when you cross Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with Ho Hey by The Lumineers? In my mind, at least, you get Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.

(If you want further explanation of that, leave a comment and I'll try to bring you inside my head.)

Little Talks has been my recent musical obsession - I can't get enough of it.

And I wasn't hearing it enough on the radio this week, so I took matters into my own hands.

I bought the album.

It's called 'My Head Is An Animal', which is a line in the first song on the album.

And what I didn't realize is that I actually knew three of the songs on the album.

Little Talks, of course, is pretty well known. (I posted the video at the end of this post in case you're not sure you know it.) And King and Lionheart is getting some radio play right now as the newest release. (Though probably not in wide release - I've only heard it on the independent station here, not on the big hit stations like Little Talks was.)

Similarly, I was surprised when Mountain Sound played on the album - I recognized it instantly, even though it had been a while since I had heard it. It got some pretty extensive radio play recently least, around here.

The rest of the album is fine. Nothing over the top great, but nothing terrible. I really like the female singer's voice - and there are a couple of songs on the album where she gets featured prominently (rather than a split). The male lead sings quite a bit too..I can't decide if it's an even balance between the two or if he is featured more. I'm leaning toward an even balance.

The band is from Iceland - and apparently Little Talks has been around for a couple of years, and the album has been out for one. You can get more info about them at their website.