New Thing #151: Conjoined Lightning Bugs

Lightning_BugsMaybe this is something you see everyday. I sure don't.

It's bug season.

The ants are out and around the house.

I can't walk two feet without going through a spider web.

And the other evening, I saw some lightning bugs crawling around the outside of the house.

But I never saw a lightning bug like this one.

These ones?

Look - it's a conjoined lightning bug.

I saw it on my door when I came home from work. (Sorry for the blurriness in the picture - the camera kept focusing on the wall you see through the glass beyond the bug[s]. As though the wall is worth focusing on more than a freak bug!)

Later in the night, and the next night (yes, I looked for it), the bug(s?) was (were?) gone.

Which I'm a little disappointed by, because as you can see, those lightning bugs are conjoined at the lightning end. And I can't really think of a better science experience than taking a look at these bad boys at night. Do they both light up and form some kind of super lightning bug? Does the conjoinedness make it so that neither has their nether lightning-regions?

The world may never know.

At least I got a picture.