New Thing #158: Bike Phone Mount

iPhone_HolderI think I got this for Christmas, because it's been sitting around for a long time and I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. It's a mount for my iPhone that attaches to the handlebar of my bike.

Don't worry - it's not a distraction for me - I won't be getting into any accidents.

If anything, it actually keeps me more focused on riding my bike than before I used it.

I attached the mount to my bike and took my bike out for the first time this past weekend. It was great bike-riding weather.

And I was able to mount my phone and use my bike-riding app to see how long I was riding and how many miles I was piling up.

Why was this less of a distraction?

Well, in the past I'd still try running that app, but it was while the phone was in my pocket. And with the athletic shorts I was wearing, with not-so-deep pockets, I'd check my pocket about 100 times during a bike ride to make sure my phone didn't fall out of it.

Now I worry occasionally that the phone will slip out of the mount, but all it takes is one tap for me to feel how secure it is in the mount and I can continue with my ride worry-free.

It was easy to assemble and mount, as I said it's secure, and it allows me to check the time of day pretty quickly as well. (I haven't worn a watch in a long time - I rely on my phone, so this also prevents me from having to reach for my phone in my pocket to see what time it is while on a bike ride.)

I assume I could pop my iPhone on speaker phone and this would be a pretty convenient way to talk on the phone while I was riding my bike as well....but let's not try that.

That would be a distraction.