New Thing #156: Brooklyn Water Bagels

BagelA new bagel place opened up in town. We knew it was coming for a little while, and I for one was pretty excited about it.

I don't like to be a New York snob all that much (OK, yes I do), but you really can't find good bagels in Massachusetts.

Dunkin' Donuts bagels are kind of like fast food bagels. (But the bacon and eggs and steak and eggs and stuff they put in them make up for the sub-par bagels.)

Other bagels? There's always some kind of flaw.

*Sigh* Not like the bagels I used to have at home.

But that's why this new place was so encouraging to me - it's called "Brooklyn Water Bagels". Brooklyn! That's New York! They make great bagels there!


And I've heard this before - but what supposedly makes New York bagels better than elsewhere is the water.

So, it's no surprise that Brooklyn Water Bagels goes by the slogan, "It's All About The Water!"

Whatever they do, it works. These bagels were pretty close to the good bagels from back home.

But while we're on the subject, let me tell you about a similarly named place back home that has the best bagels you'll ever have in your life. It's called "Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company". (But we people in the know just call it 'Brooklyn Bagel'.) If you're ever in Astoria - it's worth checking out. (Hm. I just now realized that the only locations of Brooklyn Bagel that I know about are in Queens and Manhattan. Not Brooklyn.)

My brother reported recently that they just opened a new location in midtown Manhattan, near his work. So you have some options. And if you're reading this in New York, appreciate what you have.

Good bagels are truly hard to find.