New Thing #162: Back To The Farm Share

Siena_SignAfter a year off, we're back to having a farm share. We had one for a few years - maybe five - and took last summer off...because they're expensive.

But we got back on the wagon this year.

And Monday was our first pickup of the year.

Siena_PickupIt's a farm in Sudbury called 'Siena Farms', and it's not more than 20 minutes away. (That means it's within bike riding distance for future pickups.) We pick up on Mondays, and the boxes are kept in a little corner under an overhang. Once you convince yourself no little animals are going to jump out at you, there's really nothing to picking up the vegetables.

You check off your name, grab your box, and you're on your way.

Monday afternoon we enjoyed some fresh lettuce in a side salad with our dinner. It just feels healthy when you eat it. It's amazing how you can even tell the difference between the quality of this lettuce versus something from the store.

The pickups continue through November, and this time, unlike two years ago, in August and September fruit and corn will come with our regular vegetable box.

There's another change at the farm compared to two years ago - you used to pull up to a lot that faced a pasture with a calf. Now that pasture is totally fenced off and you can't see any animals.

I'm looking forward to a non-rainy day to pick up the vegetables - that's when the farm workers are all out cleaning the vegetables and there are different farm machines set up to sort and clean them - I like checking that out.

And it occurs to me I'd better get over there with my bike in the next few weeks, before they start giving us two boxes in August. Because I'm not even sure I can pedal back home with one box...let alone two.