New Thing #165: What Is In My Backyard?

Wide_GroundhogThere I stood at my kitchen window Tuesday morning, preparing some food for my daughter, when I spotted something moving outside my window. I saw some brown, figured it was a cat, but something about the way it moved made me look twice.

It wasn't a cat.

But what was it?

I'm still not sure.

I'm going with groundhog. But I'm not 100% sure.

This is like nothing I've ever experienced. I've had an opossum walk across that porch - that was a one-time deal. Never saw a possum again in that area. As I've mentioned, there are cats. Sometimes a neighborhood dog gets back there. And things like rabbits and squirrels - once even a red squirrel. They're quick darters. Chipmunks. And I'm sure there have been raccoons back there, but I like to pretend not. I've only ever seen a raccoon out my front door and window...and I hope it stays that way.

Tight_GroundhogThis animal, though? It didn't quite freak me out as much as it would usually. Especially considering it was broad daylight.

I had the presence of mind to snap the pictures you see above and at right. I observed it for a few minutes. It did the standing up thing you see it doing here and kind of sniffed the air. I was struck by what good posture it had.

The worst thing that happened was, since I was preparing food for my daughter, I went to give her the food. When I came back to the window, the animal was gone.

That's when I got scared.

It could be anywhere.

Then we left town for a few days. Who knows what the backyard will look like when we come back.

Maybe he'll move in with his entire family.

That's the real shame of it here. This is the time of year I like to spend time relaxing in the backyard. I'll read the paper or just sit out on the porch sipping a drink waiting while I barbecue. Now I don't know if I can do that with my mind at ease.

Or at all. I might never go back there again.

I can only think of one reasonable solution.

It may be time for us to move.