New Thing #169: A Picture-Perfect Rainbow

Had a quick thunderstorm roll through Monday evening. It hit at just about 5:30pm, and everything was back to normal by about 6:54pm.

How do I know?

Well, those are the times when our power went out and was restored, respectively.

But it wasn't so much the storm that impressed me and my daughters as it was the resulting image.

I was downstairs turning lights back on and making sure everything was in order when my daughter shouted out, "I see a rainbow!"

(I don't think she spotted the rainbow on her own - I'm pretty sure the neighbors who were gathering outside drew her attention to the window, and she followed their gazes to see the rainbow up above. My daughters are kind of nosy that way.)

I came upstairs to see it. Apparently our house must have been the best viewing spot on the block for the whole thing because the neighbors were in our driveway trying to take pictures.

("They're in our driveway," my daughter reported.

"They're just taking pictures of the rainbow," I told her. "It's OK."

"Not with me," she replied.)

It was the type of rainbow straight out of a cartoon. A perfect arc - from behind one set of houses on the right all the way to another set of houses on the left. It could easily have led to a pot of gold.

It was picture-perfect, really. Sorry that my pictures of it are less than perfect.

L_Rainbow R_Rainbow