New Thing #173: Vicki Lee's

Vicki_LeeI met a friend for lunch the other day. She suggested a place which, as it turned out, we had both heard a lot about, but had each never been.

It's called Vicki Lee's, and it was delightful.

Vicki Lee's is located at the corner of Common Street and Trapelo Road in Belmont, Massachusetts. That also happens to be the town in which I work, but this restaurant is in a further south part of the town from where I work. It's not a spot where I spend a lot of time.

It's a really great little establishment.

We got there at about 11:30am, grabbed a table, had a couple of sandwiches, and were able to chat. Even when the place got pretty crowded it never got too loud. (I had my back to the door, but it did get crowded after 12 as the lunch crowd arrived. We didn't linger long after we finished eating so as to make sure we didn't take a table from someone.)

It's open, though, seven days a week through dinner time. Not necessarily for dinner, but through dinner. They have a good dinner menu, but the menu states that there is only so much of a given item, so once they run out they're done serving that item for the night.

It's an interesting place - it's like a hybrid cafe/breakfast place/lunch place/sit-down restaurant.

It's kind of hard to describe. (Here's their website if you're interested.) But I'm interested in what dinner would be like there - lunch was very good.

Next time I'm staying late at work for a meeting or something I might have to swing by and see what's left over from the dinner menu.