New Thing #175: My Only Problem With You

MyOnlyProblemIf you follow my brother on-line on any of his various social media outlets, you probably could see this coming. He put out a new song last week.

And that earns him an automatic berth into the 'Music Monday' section of '365 New Things In 2013'.

Which I'm relieved about because I didn't want to go through this whole year without devoting a post solely to his music.

I've directed you to Matt Sucich's website before, but - this is new too - he's updated it since I've last linked to it. So visit there to find out more about his background, and to find his new music.

There's actually a bunch going on with my brother these days - he just got back from Delaware where he played in the Firefly Music Festival.

Ahead of that appearance he released the new song I'm here to tell you about today - it's called My Only Problem With You, and Matt's especially excited about this release because if you act quickly you can get a limited edition vinyl copy of the music. (To be honest, I have no use for the vinyl unless I wanted to get him to sign it so I could put it up on the wall...I have nothing to play it on.) You can just download the music without getting the vinyl, too, I think.

I remember liking My Only Problem With You when I heard it for the first time - if I'm not mistaken he played it at his last album release show. I remember being struck by the lyrics.

As part of the build-up to this release and his participation in the festival in Delaware Matt did an appearance on WXPN in Philadelphia, in what I guess they call their Folkadelphia Session. I know I'm biased, and I'm sure you're taking that into consideration as you read all this, but I think it sounds amazing. Check it out for yourself - Matt played four songs, all acoustic, for that session.

You may notice that site also wrote some nice words about Matt. So did Ryan Spaulding recently. Spaulding was responsible for bringing Matt to SXSW in Austin, Texas as part of the Outlaw Roadshow back in March, and last week he had some nice things to say on his blog as Matt released his song.

I guess I'll take advantage of this opportunity to leave you with a video of my brother, since I've done it for so many other musicians about whom I care a lot less. Enjoy, like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter. This is a live version of My Only Problem With You from February: