New Thing #190: Na'an Pizza

Naan_PizzaI was the beneficiary of my wife trying out a New Thing a week or so ago. The genesis, she says, was seeing some na'an in the grocery store.

She walked by it and thought, "That would make a good pizza crust."

And that night she made na'an pizza.

It was very good.

I should tell you, right off the top, that I love na'an. Usually when my wife makes na'an it's with a chicken tikka masala dish she makes.

So this was different - and I knew something was afoot when I saw the na'an in the closet but knew we weren't having chicken for dinner.

It took my wife no more than 10 minutes to prepare - from sauce and cheese to cooking time in the oven. She made four total - and those four went a long way.

It not only fed us (we're a family of five) - but I was able to take a full na'an pizza with me for lunch the next day.

A brilliant idea by my wife, and a New Thing food for me that I can actually make myself.