New Thing #204: The MMQB

New_MMQB_SiteI have a vague memory that years ago I read Peter King's 'Monday Morning Quarterback' pretty regularly. Don't ask me how I forget something like that, but there was a time in my life that I dove headfirst into anything sports-related...and I guess it all gets jumbled up in my mind.

But for whatever reason, it had been years since I read Peter King's Monday column...until last August or so.

I began in the off-season, carried right through the regular season, stuck with it in the post-season, and then dropped off again.

But with football season fast approaching, I need to get back to it.

And just in time, there's a brand-new website for it.

I know Peter King has his critics (man, everyone on Twitter is a critic of everyone), but I love what he does. I think, deep down, I stopped reading him because I wanted to be him with my work the past nine or so years. Without, you know, the intense reporting and all-around knowledge.

The sheer volume of King's work every Monday is probably what impresses me the most...but is also the number one reason that I can't commit to reading it all the time. I kind of need a rest from it...and sometimes I just don't have the time to dedicate to reading it.

So that all was when King's column appeared on Sports Illustrated's website. For a year or so now King has been talking about an affiliated but separate website that he's running -

It debuted on Monday, as NFL camps set to open up.

And as you can imagine for someone who felt overwhelmed by a column, the site is a little overwhelming. There is so much content.

But it's good content.

It's all football, all the time. (I think my dream would be someone like Buster Olney developing a baseball site like this.) And I'm not all that into football right now - I'm still 100% baseball-focused...but I couldn't get enough of the site on its first day.

There was King's regular 'Monday Morning Quarterback' column, an entry from Greg Bedard (late of the Boston Globe, who I really grew to like in his 2-and-half years covering the Patriots here...he went from dumping heavily - often - on the Jets to becoming a really well-rounded writer...although he was probably always a well-rounded writer, he didn't always show it) about the way the Patriots go about business no matter what is happening off the field, and Jenny Vrentas with a pictorial of Larry Fitzgerald's off-season travels and another article about the Dolphins. My favorite was the first of what will be a regular feature - 3 at 3 - in which some football-related figure (or high-profile fan) answers three questions at 3pm daily. Monday's was Joe Namath. (Wednesday's will be Rex Ryan! UPDATE/CORRECTION: I forgot...Rex Ryan will actually be doing the '10 Things I Think I Think' segment. I think it's Wednesday, but I'm not sure. Also another good segment, by the way.) The accompanying picture of Namath is one of the best old-time NFL still pictures I've ever seen.

I read all of the content in the above paragraph. That still leaves a bunch of content on the table that I didn't read. I'm going to have to pace myself, and figure out a way to get past my desire to dive into something like this website 100%. My instinct is to read everything put on the site. But I know I won't be able to keep that up.

I'm going to need to settle into a routine and figure out which articles I'm going to read. And when. (That's another thing - there are updates with new stories every few hours on the site.) And next month King will start up his podcast again, and he wrote Monday that there will be other site-related podcasts.

It may seem daunting, but I'm sure I'll figure out a way to face down this adversity and make the best of it.

I am a Jets fan, after all.


A couple of notes about the beginning of a new site like this:

-I went to the site over the weekend, when the domain name had been released but before it was supposed to have content. I thought it was interesting that this high-profile venture starts out just like any regular joe's website:



-And then there was this - I typed into my browser early Monday morning - some Mondays during the school year I would read Peter King over breakfast because I wouldn't have another chance all day. I figured I'd try that with the new site. And this is what I saw:


It looked spottier than I expected, but I figured they were working out some bugs, so I clicked what I thought was King's article and I got this:


I'm embarrassed to admit I thought it was for real. At no point did I even come close to considering paying money for the content, but I was furious. "How can they go from offering this content for free at to making people pay this much for it! That's terrible business! Who's going to pay that?!" Then I took a breath. I realized that I had never heard this was going to be a site that charged money. I went to Twitter and it didn't look like, from there, the site was up yet. So I waited. And later that morning I saw the real thing unveiled.

But I wonder if anyone who is slightly more gullible than me - enough to pony up money immediately - fell for the fake site.