New Thing #223: Kettlebell

KettlebellRemember when I told you that we canceled our gym membership? Well, contrary to popular belief (lying - there is no popular belief in this department...not even unpopular belief), I have not let myself go.

In fact, I've spent a good deal of my limited free time this summer exercising.

I'm running a lot.

I've biked a little...but not in a while. I've kind of gotten hooked on the running.

When I'm around the house, I've done some basic weights exercises - and I even bought a kettlebell.

I have to admit to you that I had almost instant buyer's remorse with this kettlebell. I bought it because I thought if I lifted this heavy object I'd really build up muscle or feel more muscular or something like that.

Also, it's my favorite color!

But then I looked up on-line what to actually do with a kettlebell, and it seems like the more popular kettlebell approach is to have two slightly lighter kettlebells, one for each arm, rather than the one heavier one. (Which, I guess it's important to note here, is labeled as a "Competition Kettlebell", which I did not realize at the time of purchase. I really messed this one up. But who knows? Maybe I'll discover a new career. Where I can competitively kettlebell. Or something.)

No matter, I made do with what I had.

I lift it.

I swing it.

I lift it again.

Sometimes I lift it while I kind of do sit-up things.

I feel like I'm doing stuff to my core or something.

The important thing is I'm making an effort. Right?

It's not the ideal piece of exercise equipment that I thought it would be. But it's not bad - I am using it and I'm exercising.

And I haven't hurt myself using it - which is maybe the most important thing.

It's also not the only exercise-related New Thing I've done this year. I'll be telling you more about the others later in the week.