New Thing #228: Gillette Fusion

FusionI guess I really liked the razor I had used for the past I-don't-know-how-many years. I never once stopped to think about what was happening - I just shaved and moved on with my day.

But old age had taken its toll on the razor and I threw it out recently, replacing it with a Gillette Fusion razor.

And I'm not sure my face is taking too well to the change.

I used to have the Mach3. (And I think I spent time with the Sensor Excel, too...but as I've mentioned - I give very little thought to razors and my shaves.)

I didn't replace the cartridges all that often, but I never felt I wasn't getting a great shave. If the shave started to feel uncomfortable, that was my cue to change the cartridge.

I'm not sure what the deal is with the Fusion razor, but it feels sharper against my face during a shave...and it feels like it needs a new cartridge a lot sooner than the Mach3 ever did.

I can't remember the first circumstance under which I changed the razor. I know it wasn't an intentional new thing - I think I just told my wife I could use a new razor and she picked this one out and that was it. (I didn't mind it at first because - Mets colors! - it's blue and orange.)

Then, when we went down to the Cape for the wedding a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to bring any shaving equipment. So I went to CVS and recognized the Fusion (blue and orange!) and picked that one up.

I'm not unhappy with the final product - I'm getting a clean shave.

But it doesn't feel so great while it's happening.

So the next time I'm ready for a new razor - maybe as soon as the beginning of school - I won't be getting new Fusion cartridges.

I think I'll be going back to my Mach3 razor.