New Thing #23: New Dining Room Set

I wrote last week about how much I enjoyed our visit to Bob's Discount Furniture a little more than a week ago. Part of what made it such a great shopping experience was some cool furniture...including what would become our new dining room table.

But the table isn't the whole story - there's the chairs, of course.

And the bench.

The bench?

Yes, the bench.


How cool is this?

We really liked two tables - one your more traditional table and chairs, and the other a table and chairs and bench.

We ended up going with the one with the bench. Six chairs and a bench, to be exact. (We still have a kid in a high chair, so right now five chairs, a bench, a high chair, and an extra chair in the living room.)

We were actually worried it was going to be too big for our dining room, but it had a leaf so we thought we'd only use the leaf if necessary.

Turns out with the leaf it's perfect.

It's nice to have a meal without the table wobbling, sitting in chairs that you're confident will support you.

And I like that my daughters are going to grow up with the coolest dining room table on the block.