New Thing #253: Writing A Letter From The Tooth Fairy

You might not want to read this one around the might shatter some myths. At my house, like many others, we are in the practice of lying to our children about certain fantastic people who enter our house while they are sleeping to leave them things.

The Tooth Fairy is one of those people. (Are fairies people?)

This is a hard parenting decision for me, because for much of my young life I was frightened to death of these people.

So I will not be too upset when my children no longer believe in the lies I spew - in fact, it will be sort of a relief.

But for now, I guess I'm all-in.

My oldest daughter is probably the most like me as far as apprehension about magical beings. Not apprehensive like doubtful. She fully believes in them, which is probably why she's so scared of them. (Clearly only the most intelligent of us who fully comprehend what is happening are the ones who experience this fright.)

She wants the benefits of the Tooth Fairy without actually experiencing the Tooth Fairy. Which is complicated (she's shedding teeth these days like Tony Soprano in one of his dreams), but fine by me. Tooth comes out, we leave it far away from her bed, she wakes up and there's money, and we don't talk about it for weeks or months until the next tooth comes out.

Except that recently, she has seen from a couple of her peers that the Tooth Fairy sometimes leaves notes. And you can just see it on her face: "Why does the Tooth Fairy love them more than me?"

My wife had a great explanation: "Well, you really haven't wanted to have much to do with the Tooth Fairy."

My daughter thought this over, and after her most recent tooth came out last week she wrote a letter: (Warning! It's adorable.)


Well, now of course the Tooth Fairy had to write back. So I went to work. I crafted a handwriting style for the Tooth Fairy. I tried to strike a balance between caring and teeth business.


I'm not going to say I'm the best Tooth Fairy going right now...I'm just saying Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had better just recognize he might have some competition for any future Tooth Fairy movie roles.

The only drawback is the amount of time it takes to get into my handwriting character. Maybe my children will stop believing before it's time for me to write another note.