New Thing #255: The Peter Schrager Podcast

SchragerIf you're a football fan (and I'm sorry for this past week or so if you're not), you'll love this New Thing. My friend Justin texted me last week to tell me his brother had a podcast.

Now, this is not like if I started talking about the Jets and Mets and recorded it and my brother went around telling people his brother had a podcast.

No, Peter Schrager is fast becoming one of the most respected football guys in the business.

So if I hear that he has a podcast, I'll check it out...and I'm sure thousands of others have been doing the same thing.

Let me quickly catch you up on my football podcasts. For a year-plus I listened to the Rich Eisen Podcast. I figured the guy was on NFL Network, and if there was anyone who had the inside track on the National Football League, it would be him. Turns out I was right...but it also turns out that Rich Eisen is insufferable. I couldn't stand it. I'd listen and then complain.

Then I decided, I'll just stop listening. (This is a bigger step for me than you might realize. Or, perhaps after reading 9 and a half months' worth of reading about me, you're not the least bit surprised.)

Then Peter King started a podcast. That's what I listened to all last year, and it wasn't about him - it was about the football - it was perfect. This year it's the MMQB Podcast - I still listen to it.

After two episodes, the Peter Schrager Podcast is getting added to the list. In the first edition, Schrager had a good football talk with Pete Prisco and in the second one he spoke with Scott Fujita - a good storyteller - and Kevin Burkhardt.

The Burkhardt interview was awesome, talking about his rise through the industry to get to where this year he's doing play-by-play on TV for FOX NFL games. (As an aside: Burkhardt did the Jets-Buccaneers game Sunday. There were a couple of rough patches, but overall he and John Lynch were excellent. Here's how I know: When a broadcast is bad, I obsess over it. Case in point: Dick Stockton. Holy heck was he bad doing the Rams-Cardinals on Sunday. Hang 'em up Dick. Watching the Jets, though, I barely thought about the broadcasters. That's a sign they're doing it right.)

Back to the podcast: There's a really contagious enthusiasm in the way Schrager talks about the NFL - he strikes a real balance between being a fan and an analyst, as well as in the way he can really schmooze with his guests and also ask some pretty deep questions about them and about the game.

Justin and I often joke about the success of our younger brothers. I have to admit, though, that while I often heard Peter's name in various places, I didn't see his work all that much. (Which is becoming harder to do - he wrote a book with the Giants' Victor Cruz and soon a new one he wrote with OJ Brigance of the Baltimore Ravens will be coming out.) I just don't watch very much FOX Sports. (I'm working on doing more.) With this podcast, though, I now have the opportunity to listen to Peter without other elements of Fox that I might not care for.

So, finally, after all of these years of Justin supporting my brother's music, I can throw a little brotherly love back his way.