New Thing #257: A New Saturday Morning Routine

Ballet_ShoesThis past year has been a pretty busy one. I think I've told you that before - and I also think I've said this before:

I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just stating fact.

I get up early every morning, work is busy, and sometimes I go to bed too late.

As the week goes on it gets harder and harder to wake up in the morning...and it all catches up to me by Friday.

All of which is to say, by Saturday morning, I'm ready to sleep in.

But beginning today, that won't be happening.

As of today, I'm the parent in charge of taking my daughter to her dance/tap class.

This isn't terrible for me - remember, I enjoyed it when I took her one morning last year.

Even had I not enjoyed it that first time I'd be ready for it now - because watching the recital in which she participated would have convinced me the time invested in it was worth it. That recital was awesome.

It was also in May.

So we're looking at a new Saturday morning routine, beginning today, lasting all the way until May - that's the stretch in which I'll be in charge of Saturday morning dance dropoff.

This year both of my daughters are doing dance, actually. (My wife will be doing the other dropoff - it's after school.) That means both girls will be participating in this year's recital.

So if you're looking for me on Saturday mornings...I'll be waiting for my daughter at the ol' Dancer's Workshop.

And I wouldn't count on seeing much of me on Saturday afternoons either...chances are that's when I'll be sneaking in a nap.