New Thing #281: Drawing Fenway

Fenway_PicI don't love the Red Sox, but I love Fenway Park. I love how picturesque the park is.

The Citgo sign, the red lights on the scoreboard...the Green Monster.

It's all so beautiful.

On Friday, a friend of mine went to Fenway for Game 1 of the ALDS, and she sent me the picture you see here.

I loved it so much I had to draw it.

Over the summer, in anticipation of some kind of New Thing involving drawing, I bought some colored pencils and a sketch pad.

At the time I thought I might draw PNC Park in Pittsburgh, but when I saw this picture I knew it was the one I was going to draw.

I know I'm not the best artist in the world, and I know there are some flaws with what I ended up making, but I'm pretty proud of the final result. (If you want me to break down and analyze the drawing, contact me and I'll bore you with the details.)

Click on through to check it out.