New Thing #297: Preparing Tomorrow's Breakfast Today

OmeletWhen she saw what I was up to, my wife told me this wasn't really a New Thing. But I promise you I've never done this before.

On Sunday morning we went to a favorite breakfast spot and they had a steak and cheese omelet.

I like this breakfast spot, and I've enjoyed many a meal there...but this was by far the best breakfast I've ever had there.

Immediately I started plotting when I could make myself a steak and cheese omelet...but it just seemed too complicated for a weekday breakfast.

This week, though, we had cheeseburgers for dinner.

And that got me thinking about breakfast.

I know I've told you a bunch about my eggs-for-breakfast routine.

Usually the eggs are sunnyside up, but if there's a roll sitting around I'll scramble the eggs and eat them in a sandwich, and sometimes I'll roll up some cheese and ham in an omelet.

But I'm not too creative.

Then I'm sitting there at dinner looking at an extra cheeseburger and some leftover veggies. It was actually the mushrooms that first got me thinking about an omelet.

I ate three-quarters of the burger (I have a lot of trouble passing up a second cheeseburger), and chopped up the other quarter. I put it in a tupperware with the leftover veggies, and just like that I was ready for breakfast the next morning. (I love going to bed looking forward to breakfast.)

Meat. Cheese. Vegetables. Eggs.

It's The Omnivore's Omelet. You're welcome.

(I must say, though, that the morning wasn't all sunshine and roses. First of all, I didn't make the best omelet. The insides were a little too big for the eggs - I had trouble wrapping it all up. Secondly, it was a little too much for a breakfast on a school day. It sat heavy all day. I just couldn't post this without letting you know the full story.)