New Thing #300: Doing 300 of Something

300 is a big number. (It's also a round number - I couldn't let it pass by without recognizing such a fun number.)

When I first floated the idea of 365 New Things In 2013, a couple of people cautioned me that 365 is a lot.

And, I'm certainly realizing with a little more than two full months remaining, it sure is.

But the fact that I've kept this up for 300 straight days is a huge deal - and I'm proud of myself for it.

And I might go so far as to say I've never done anything like it before.

In my sports blogging days I always liked to think that I could do a post a day for a year. But then there are off days, or slow days, or slow off-seasons, or especially frustrating days where you just don't want to rehash the misery by writing about it, and you end up missing a day, or two, or three....or a hundred.

The best I ever did was in 2008, when I wrote for 284 days. (You can see the tallies from 2004-2009 at that link. I'm not sure I ever got that close in my few years at Real Clear Sports...those tallies are by month only.)

So the stay-with-it-ness of this project is exactly what I hoped for. I was looking for something new that would propel me through a year without me fading. That's what has happened.

I'm certainly not fading - but we're in the midst of quite possibly one of the busiest months of my life right now. It's all-out until Thanksgiving. If I can make it through that month and still try some New Things, the final month of this little exercise will be a piece of cake.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you keep coming back for these last 65 New Things. I still have a list of New Things I haven't gotten around to, and time is running short. More good stuff is on the way.