New Thing #306: Caffe Americano

Karma_AmericanoI'm no coffee expert. I think I've written before about my go-to coffee drinks:

There's dark roast or french vanilla (or the classic old regular) at Dunkin' Donuts, hazelnut macchiato or mocha at Starbucks, and regular coffees almost everywhere else.

But Karma Coffee isn't really like everywhere else.

Here's the thing about Karma Coffee - it's one of those independent coffee shops which sells complicated beverages that I don't really understand.

It's like Starbucks in that way....except with Karma I like their regular coffee and don't feel the need to find something flavored.

Actually, I've liked everything I've had at Karma so far. (Karma, you'll remember, is where I get my coffee most Saturday mornings now that I'm taking my daughter to dance class in the same parking lot as this coffee shop.)

I've tried their cappuccino and their regular coffee...but that regular coffee is where the problems start. They ask me hard questions when I just say "coffee", like "Ecuadorian?" Or maybe it was "Guatemalan?" I'm not sure I remember. But either way, it's the kind of question I'm not prepared to answer when I just want a cup of coffee.

Same with the rest of the coffee menu there. But as I work my way through the different beverages on the menu, I'm trying something new almost every week...and I'm doing my best to learn about them.

My most recent try was a Caffe Americano, and what I learned about it was, according to Wikipedia, it's espresso with hot water added to it. The site says that gives it a similar strength as (though different flavor from) regular drip coffee.

Which is good for me to know - because I'm very afraid that one of these things I ordered will end up not having enough caffeine...or any caffeine at all.

(All coffee places - independent or no - call non-caffeinated coffee decaf...right?)