New Thing #312: Vitamin C

JS_VCI used to be a big orange juice drinker. Well, not a huge orange juice drinker…but every morning with breakfast I would have a juice glass-sized glass of OJ.

My dad always did it and it seemed like a healthy thing to do, so I did it.

Then as part of my dental scare visit, I was told that orange juice was terrible for your teeth because of the sugar and acid.

Because at the time they thought there was a lot wrong with my teeth (it later turned out there wasn't…man, I think I need a new dentist), I pretty much stopped drinking orange juice cold turkey.

But every time I think I'm getting sick I think of the lack of Vitamin C in my diet because I no longer drink orange juice.

And now I think I have a solution to that problem.

DG_VCMy co-teacher recently introduced me to these Vitamin C supplements you see at right - they're gummies and they're shaped like little orange slices and I love them.

I can feel the health spread through my body whenever I have them.

Then this week, I got sick. Again, I decided it wasn't directly as a result of not having enough Vitamin C, but I figured it certainly wasn't helping that I wasn't having Vitamin C on a daily basis.

So I asked my wife to pick me up some because she was hitting CVS on Wednesday afternoon.

She got the chewable tablets in that first picture above.

They're not as tasty as the gummies, and I don't exactly feel that wave of healthfulness…but I don't like being sick.

And if it takes chewing these pretty ordinary tablets, well, that's what I'm going to do.

One problem I need to figure out a solution to: the tablets say I should take them with food. That's also what my Vitamin D pills say. And the Vitamin D are what I take with breakfast. So I'm not sure how to work in the Vitamin C - do I just pop both of them in at breakfast? What am I - an octogenarian?

I'm toying with the idea of leaving the Vitamin C at school and taking them at lunchtime - but of course what would I do on weekends? Dinner time seems too late in the day.

So there's some figuring left to do.

One positive - just like with the Vitamin D - I get to play my "before you know it" game.

There are 60 tablets in the Vitamin C bottle. That means I'll finish the bottle in 60 days, give or take a forget day or two.

In 60 days we'll be about a week into the new year. So before you know it, 365 New Things In 2013 will be over, we'll be past all of the holidays, and my winter break will be over and I'll be back at school.

But I bet I'll be healthy.

Because I'll have taken two straight months of Vitamin C.