New Thing #335: Rabbit Rabbit

Dec_1A couple of months ago, I think, a friend of mine told me about "Rabbit Rabbit". I had never heard of it before.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was picking up my youngest daughter at her daycare.

She was saying 'Ribbit Ribbit' like a frog, but when I repeated it the teacher thought I was saying, "Rabbit Rabbit".

"What is that? It's all over Facebook!" she said.

I told her it was a crazy coincidence - I hadn't seen it on Facebook but I had just a couple of weeks earlier heard about 'Rabbit Rabbit' for the first time.

It's new to me…but it's not new at all.

Here's the deal - apparently certain people start every month by making "Rabbit Rabbit" the first thing they say.

As far as I can tell, it's a British superstition that dates back at least one hundred years.

There are different variations - some people say 'Rabbit' three times, some people mix in a 'White Rabbit'.

It's supposed to bring you luck. Sometimes, I've read, that luck comes in the form of a gift before the end of the month in which you say it.

So today is the first of December. (I can't really believe that, but right now that's neither here nor there.)

By the time you read this, I'm most likely awake, and hopefully I remembered to utter 'Rabbit Rabbit' before I say anything else.

And hopefully my wife reads this pretty soon after, if not before, so she doesn't think I've flipped my lid.

I really hope I remember - remembering to do something first thing in the AM is not my strong suit.

But I'm feeling pretty good about starting this superstition in December.

I sure could use a month of good luck…but at the very least, I know of at least one reason why I might be getting a gift at the end of the month.

I might have to try 'Rabbit Rabbit' again in January - a month without Christmas in it might be a better test run.