New Thing #349: Some Unexpected Sights

On_LawnA couple of unusual things happened this weekend, both within 24 hours. One wasn't completely unexpected.

On Thursday a neighbor had written on Facebook about a flock of turkeys that was hanging out in her yard.

My wife and she exchanged comments and she said the turkeys were heading towards our yard.

It wasn't until Saturday afternoon that we saw them.


I know I've written before about turkeys, so I won't go into this sighting too much.

But there were a bunch - our neighbor reported seeing 24 the other day, and I'd guess there were about 20 crossing the street coming at our front lawn Saturday.

They came before the snow started falling Saturday afternoon, bringing to mind that question I always wonder when it snows: Do animals just hang out in the snow? Where do these turkeys go.

I hope the answer is not, "They roost in the shed in my backyard."

The other sight is much more of a New Thing.

I've seen shooting stars before in my lifetime.

But it has to be twenty years or so since I have.

Friday night, though, as my wife and I were driving to her company party at about 5:20pm, we both spotted a shooting star.

It's quite a sight. (Unfortunately, I was driving and it was all too quick for me to get out my phone and take a picture or video.)

My wife happened to be on Twitter on her phone and saw people tweeting about it - someone mentioned it was lucky.

A shooting star on a Friday the 13th.

That's a New Thing for sure.