New Thing #26: My Very Own Hashtag

Own_HashtagI enjoy Twitter. (You can follow me here!) That's not new.

I've been promoting each of the 'New Things' on Twitter...much like I did with my sports site for a few years.

That's not new.

I've also been using the hashtag #365NewThingsIn2013.

That's new.

Hashtags were one of the hardest aspects for me to understand about Twitter.

Well, actually, not the concept - I got that pretty quickly. Moreso the practicality of them.

I didn't understand the value of the hashtag if you could just throw the 'pound' sign in front of anything and turn it into a searchable term.

I later realized that it was pretty good for finding information about, say, the Mets, or the Jets, or something else I was interested in. (Let alone the fun Jimmy Fallon hashtag games!)

Well, now with #365NewThingsIn2013 I have my very own hashtag.

I know that it's not likely someone's going to accidentally stumble across it in a search, but I really like that in the vast, vast world of the internet, where millions of people cross paths, I have a tiny little corner that's all mine.

And someday that little hashtag will yield 365 results.