New Thing #32: Reflecting On A Month Of New Things

Hi. Still with me?

Thanks for following along.

I thought, after a month of "New Things", it was a good time to stop and take stock of exactly what we're doing here.

Last weekend I asked my wife what she thought of the '365 New Things In 2013' so far.

She wasn't being critical, but she said she thought it would be funnier.

I'll be honest - I think I thought it would too.

I also didn't expect that I'd be so judgmental about certain things (like music....or furniture stores), or that such mundane things as, oh, I don't know, reflecting on a month of New Things could be considered "New".

And I'm OK with the mundane. 365 is a lot of "New". If I sit and think about it too much, I get a little intimidated by the enormity of 365 and the fact that here we are only 32 deep and I'm already venturing into dicey territory with a reflection that I feel is a legitimate "New Thing" but I'm sure many people would argue is a cop out and how in the world am I going to fill out 333 more "New Things"?

And then I stop and think that I've made it to 32 already. I still have almost 50 music entries to write and I haven't even touched on exercise yet and I still have so many more movies I want to watch and places I want to go. I'll be fine.

But I'm still figuring out the writing. It's hard for me not to think you're reading certain entries and thinking, "Maybe I should try that. Does John think I should try that?" That's why I'm turning certain experiences into reviews. But there are certain things that I feel like I'm just experiencing and I'm not judging. But I could review them if you'd like.

So I welcome your feedback if you feel like it. My e-mail is available under the 'contact' tab at the top of the page. You can always leave a comment. Call me. Stop me in person. Tweet me. (And know that I'm aware I could do a better job of taking pictures. I hope that'll get better.)

I'm really excited about this...I'm happy I've made it through a month with relative ease.

I'm about to open this all up to a much wider audience, and I want to make sure the readers are enjoying it as much as I am enjoying the experience of writing about it.

I really do appreciate you reading and caring what I do. In exchange, I'll try to throw in the occasional joke. (Did you see my 'appropriate' puns yesterday?)

Thanks for following along. On to a new month of "New Things".

Good thing February only has 28 days.