New Thing #37: A Pink Shirt

Pink_ShirtI value my brother's musical tastes. But I think I disagree with him over his fashion least in this instance.

See, I have a new pink shirt (pictured, left).

I got it for Christmas, and wore it for the first time late last week.

Then, as I debated shaving my beard, I posted this picture on Facebook, soliciting opinions about whether or not to shave the beard.

Most favored keeping the beard. (At the last minute, I decided to keep the least through February.)

But I was taken aback when one post advised me to lose the shirt.

And I was taken even more aback when my brother agreed.

I asked him why. He gave a few reasons - too much pink. Shirt might work in the summer without a tie (maybe with a jacket), but with the beard (there was a whole other explanation about why beard and pink don't go together) it's kind of a clash and then the pink's a lot. Also, he'd rather a solid tie than a tie with a pattern with a pink shirt. And, lastly, because we're paler in the winter a pink shirt doesn't quite work.

I understand his points.

But I don't think I agree.

I wanted a pink shirt because I didn't have one. I think the shirt and tie went well. I liked it. Maybe he's right about a jacket - maybe I'll try that out.

But while my brother is my go-to for music info/advice, I have a couple of options ahead of him on the fashion advice list. And they both liked the shirt. (As a matter of fact, I do very little wrong in their eyes.)

So thank you to my wife for your kind words on my pink shirt and pink tie.

And thanks to you too, Mom.