New Thing #48: Weighing Myself Every Day

ScaleI'm trying to take care of myself these days. In the coming days, weeks, and months I'll feature New Things dealing with fitness, diet, and overall health.

As a starting point for all of that, though, I decided to try a little experiment in 2013, and here we are almost 50 days in and I've kept it up:

I'm keeping track of my weight every day of the year.

I'm sure there are hundreds of people who do this all the time, but it's very new for me.

Actually, the concept of paying any attention to my weight whatsoever is pretty new to me. I always had a general idea of how much I weighed, but I didn't give it much thought.

There were times I'd feel like I was putting on weight, but I kind of expected it - the holidays, the dead of winter...times when I knew I was going a little overboard with the dessert.

My hope, I guess, is that I'll catch myself before I go too overboard. I kind of have a range of weights that I want to stay within...but I'm not really going to panic if I go over. I'm not actually sure what my target weight should be.

I can already anticipate some problems here - when I'm away from home I might not have access at all to a scale...and the times I will, it might be a scale that calibrates my weight differently.

But I'll try - even if I'm weighing myself more than 300 times this year, that's a good 290+ times more than most years.