New Thing #60: 30 Tweets In 30 Days

30_TweetsFor the past few years, I've made my pre-season baseball predictions on my sports blog, 200 Miles From The Citi. You may or may not know that when I started this project, I put that site on hiatus.

So now I have a whole lot of thoughts about the 2013 MLB season for which I don't realy have a forum for expression.

So...time to try a New Thing.

I'm calling it '30 Tweets In 30 Days'.

It's simple: I have predicted records and finishes for all 30 MLB teams. What I'll do for the month of March, beginning today, is publish a tweet-sized summary of their season, and my prediction for each team's record.

If you're reading this, chances are you're already following me on Twitter. If not, go ahead and do it now: @jsucich.

I'm going to use the hashtag #30MLBtweets. It doesn't make total sense, but I don't want to use up a ton of characters on the hashtag (like #30tweetsin30days, for example), and even this one feels a little long. But I figure I should have a hashtag to organize it somewhat. I fear one tweet a day will get buried and result in a lot of missed tweets, and at least if you're interested you can use the hashtag to find what you missed. (The title itself is a play on the MLB previews that tout '30 Teams in 30 Days', if you didn't get that.)

And it won't be perfect - I am going to resist the urge to write too much baseball here this year. But occasionally I'll have a thought that I would have otherwise put on my sports blog - like the fact that I don't think the artificial turf in Toronto will play nice with the oft-injured legs of Jose Reyes - that I guess I could tweet, but won't fit in one of my season previews, so I may slip and put it in an entry like this.

Back to this New Thing: I think I'll go in reverse order of I'll start with the worst teams and by the end of the month I'll give you my World Series champ, etc. (You may notice, and I'm aware, that I think my picks are generous...and mathematically impossible. I think I have too many teams at .500 or better....but the point is more the order of finish and improvement from last year or not. Don't spoil my fun.)

Maybe I'll do a separate tweet with playoff results and award winners...we'll see. But this little exercise will bring us to the season opener on March 31st.

And that's now just 30 tweets - I mean, days -  away.

(Note: Sorry for all the sports-related New Things lately. Didn't mean for this to turn into an unofficial 'Sports Week'. One more [kind of sports one] tomorrow, then we're back to non-sports apps and music and stuff.)