New Thing #58: Baseball Tonight Podcast

Baseball_OlneyThe trouble with school vacation weeks is I start getting into a different routine than my school routine. Meaning, I have a lot more time on my hands.

And this February break, I spent a bunch of that time listening to podcasts.

In addition to my usual rotation, I've now added a couple more.

One of them is the 'Baseball Tonight Podcast with Buster Olney.'

And, to be honest, I don't know that I'm going to be able to keep up with it.

Actually, I don't know what its official schedule will be. All I know right now is that during spring training they're popping out a podcast a day, and of course I feel like I have to listen to all of them. (I'm proud of myself for picking up on the day I decided to start listening, and I didn't do my usual thing where I go through all the archived episodes. I figured I had enough work moving forward.)

So maybe they'll tail off to a couple of times a week during the regular season...or who knows? They'll go at a breakneck pace all season long.

If there's any possible podcast I could listen to all day every day, though, it's one about baseball. And I really like Buster Olney - whereas most writers who get the chance to go on-air in some fashion eventually wear on me, that hasn't happened (yet?) with Olney. I used to love when he filled in for Mike & Mike in the Morning when I listened to that show. (Aside: I need to find out how Olney does everything he does. I know he grew up on a farm, so maybe he keeps farmer's hours and is up at 4am reading papers and writing...but I don't know how you do that and watch baseball games at night. Either he has a team of interns posing as him writing on-line while he catches up on some z's, or he never sleeps.)

So it remains to be seen how much of this podcast I can keep up with. But I do enjoy it - I've been looking for a couple of years now for a good baseball podcast and hadn't been able to settle on one I liked. I don't know if I missed this last year or if it was in a different form and not with Olney.

Most of my ability to listen depends on when the podcast is published - If I can consistently get them downloaded before I leave school (they're not available before I leave for school), I can then listen to them on my way home. That's worked for me so far the first Monday and Tuesday back.

And then once summer hits I can get back into a more leisurely schedule. But by then, as with every vacation, my problem won't be being able to will be trying to avoid listening to too many new podcasts.