New Thing #64: A Morning In Jersey City

JCThis weekend's get-together with my college pals wasn't quite the "New Things Fest" I was hoping it might be. But I did squeeze in a couple of New Things.

Among them - we spent part of Saturday morning in Jersey City, or part of Jersey City anyway.

And I'm pretty sure I've never been there before - at least, not where we were.

I think I have a cousin who lived in Jersey City for a year or two. I may or may not have visited him there. But if I did, I drove. And if he did, it wasn't in this area.

The area is off the Grove Street PATH station. And the PATH is how I got there.

It wasn't a bad trip, especially for a Saturday when there were limited PATH lines running. And my friend's apartment was a quick walk from the train. (And it's an awesome apartment.)

There are a ton of places to eat in the area, just on the route from train to apartment - and then after we met up we headed off in a slightly different direction that revealed even more places to eat. (We went to a place called Beechwood Cafe, a block away from City Hall. I had ham, egg, and cheese on a croissant, which was delicious. Also new...but I may or may not have been talked out of its eligibility as a New Thing. So we'll throw it in here on the off chance that I've visited Jersey City before and the restaurant pictured below is the absolute surefire New Thing.)


The best thing about Jersey City was something I didn't even experience on Saturday. It was cold and overcast, so we didn't head down to the water. We talked about the water, and the view, but I didn't even think to suggest we take the 10 minute or so walk to check it out.

But I have been to Hoboken before, and I was way impressed by the view across the water of New York City. My friend told me Jersey City offers a similar view.

I'm looking forward to a return trip to Jersey City when the weather is warmer. Having a drink on my friend's deck. And when we do, I'm going to take a bit of a walk and check out the view of New York City from Jersey City.

No one will deny the legitimacy of that New Thing.