New Thing #67: A High Profile Retweet

RetweetI'm having quite the Twitter week. I've been doling out some compliments.

Early in the week I sent a note to Josh and Chuck of the 'Stuff You Should Know' podcast because their TV episode about time travel was so fun to watch. (The show is no longer on once a week - now it's on in bunches every other Saturday afternoon. The last episodes air this word on a second season. I suspect the '365 New Things In 2013' TV show jinx is now a thing.)

Then on Thursday evening I tweeted Buster Olney because I liked an interview from his podcast.

And he retweeted me.

This is worth writing about for a few reasons. One is that this is the biggest retweet I've ever gotten. Buster Olney has 658,200 followers.


Secondly, I really liked the interview. Or part of it, at least. The part I liked was when Jason Motte of the St. Louis Cardinals talked about being on the mound to close out Game 7 of the 2011 World Series. He talked about the precise moment the wave of crowd noise washed over him on the mound during the game and how he enjoyed the moment - anyone who has ever pictured themselves in a Game 7 situation had to have appreciated the picture he painted there.

Third is the result of the retweet. It drew a lot of attention to my tweet. (No new follows, it should be noted.) It might sound insignificant compared with more than 650,000, but I got retweeted 6 more times (all by followers of Buster, not me), favorited once, and then got 4-to-5 more replies (again, not my followers but Buster's followers).

I never really understood why guys like Olney, when they received tweets laced with vitriol, retweeted and engaged those people rather than just letting them sit there. Well, now I have a better idea. It's tempting to do something. Because the 4 replies were all somewhat pointed. (Well, one was more of an insult directed at Motte than me.)

All I meant by my tweet was that, being a Mets fan, I don't like the Cardinals. I didn't want a reason to root for any Cardinals, but I like Motte after listening to him speak with Buster Olney. The replies seemed to interpret that as me usually hating players on other teams. I never used the word hate. I just don't root for them - so I don't like them.

But here's the last notable thing: I think a few years ago those replies would have sat with me and ate me up inside. They didn't really do that this time. Maybe it's because writing about them is a good outlet. I don't know. But I have an idea now of what people are talking about when they talk about internet trolls - it's hard when people engage with you in a harsh manner. I can only imagine what happens when more than 50 people are following you.

So that was my Thursday night. If you want to get in on the Twitter fun, follow me @jsucich. Just be nice.