New Thing #75: Designing A T-Shirt

Mets_PageThe Mets have a Social Media Night at Citi Field on April 24th. I think last year was the first one.

This year (and maybe last year - I'm not sure I know if they did this or not - I seem to remember a fan-designed t-shirt involving Mr. Met and the Liberty Bell but that could have been for something else) they invited fans to design a t-shirt for the team to give away that night.

The winner gets, besides the pride of having designed a t-shirt, a chance to meet a player and attend the game that night.

The contest ended at midnight last night, and for a week or so I kept forgetting about it.

At about 9 o'clock last night I remembered and decided to give it a go.


I doubt it's very original. I went with the old "Tweet rhymes with greet!" approach, substituting 'tweet @Mets' (@Mets or #Mets or had to appear on the shirt somewhere) for 'greet the Mets', from the "Meet The Mets" song.

Judging for the winners is weighed as follows: 40% on creativity and originality (I don't know that mine was all that original), 30% team spirit (come on. I know I have 100% of that 30%), and 30% overall artistic quality (um, well, I'm not all that artsy).

Some observations: I hadn't written that many block letters since probably junior high school. Which is probably the last time I also drew that many 'Mets' in script. I'm not even sure it's OK for me to be publishing my submission here. (Our secret.)

I hope they don't take points off for handwriting - I have to think if my design wins they'd put some kind of type-written font on that shirt. No one wants my handwriting on a t-shirt.

You have to admit - it's not a bad slogan, right?

I'm not expecting to win. Or maybe I am. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to submit something.

I'm not getting my hopes up, at least. April 24th is a Wednesday night - it's a long shot for me to even attend the game.

But I sure would try if I won the contest.