New Thing #89: Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill

ScoreboardLast week I told you that I was going out to watch the first night of the NCAA Tournament. That was new, and as it turned out, we went to a place I had never been to before to watch the games.

It's called Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill, and it's in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, that's a hike from where I live - but that was about all that was inconvenient about it.

The set-up is great - there are tables throughout the dining room that are surrounded by TVs.

The friend I was going with said it was a great place for the basketball, since they would have all of the games on multiple was indeed a great place to watch the Tournament.

(Except for some inexcusable reason, they had a couple of TVs tuned to ESPN and ESPN2 for the majority of the evening - one was showing NFL Live and the other a cheerleading competition. That's bush league stuff for the opening days of the Tournament. I will say, though, that the hostesses were great about coming around and turning the TVs to whatever channel was requested. While we're on the subject of other sports during the Tournament, I guess this is a big place to gather and watch the Bruins, because they were featured prominently, competing with the basketball. The place seems to do a lot of cross promotion with the Bruins, but you'd think for the opening night of the Tournament they might have held off on the hockey.)

I'm not sure how great of a spot this would be to watch other sports...and the food wasn't the greatest I've ever had. I don't even know if they have the Sunday Ticket, but it's out of season so I guess there wouldn't be signage anyway. But the layout of the place was such that it might be worth the trip to watch the Jets the occasional Sunday I felt like taking a ride for some football.

The staff was nice - I was the first of my friends to arrive and I occupied a booth for more than one person for longer than I should have been allowed to. But they didn't hassle me. That's a big score in my book.

Woburn is too far of a trip for me to make this place a regular hangout. I left earlier than I would have liked because I had a long drive home ahead.

But it might be worth going back to the Scoreboard for the NCAA Tournament, in part because of an important fact I haven't mentioned yet: It's located on the ground floor of a Crowne Plaza Hotel.

So the next time I go to watch some basketball...I might just get a room and save myself the drive home.