New Thing #96: Coining A Nickname

I came up with a nickname while watching the Mets the other night. It was Wednesday night, and they won 11-2.

They got contributions from a few of their young players - prime among them Matt Harvey, who is so fun to watch.

But this nickname is not about him.

It's about the guys who contributed on offense: Ike Davis and Lucas Duda both hit long home runs...and of course, David Wright was in the mix as always.

David, Davis, and Duda?

I might start thinking of them as the Killer D's.

I know - it's not terribly original...but what nicknames are, really?

Baseball has seen the Killer B's of Houston...the Killer D's are clearly a play off that.

I'm just publishing this before someone else does. I want to be the first to have the unoriginal idea.

It's a lot of wishful thinking - because there's a lot of wishful thinking surrounding Davis and Duda. It's not often that they have had big games together - I don't know the numbers, but Wednesday could have very well been the first time they both homered in the same game.

But if the Mets are ever to have a big year or some great success, they're going to need some bats to come alive...and Davis and Duda will have to be a big part of that. David Wright is one you can count on being a contributor. So we're OK there.

If the Killer D's are slamming home runs, with the pitching the Mets have at the major and minor league levels, we're shaping up for an exciting future for the Mets.

If they aren't contributing, then the Mets won't be doing well.

But the nickname might still fit. Rather than the baseball, it'll be Mets fans' hopes falling victim to the Killer D's.