New Thing #98: Next To Me

I was in the car with the family last week and we switched past the popular music station. The Top 40 show was on...the one that Ryan Seacrest hosts.

He played an interview with this singer - I didn't catch who she was, but I heard an accent - and then played her song.

I thought it was someone else, and as I listened to the song I was convinced I knew the singer.

Turns out I didn't - it was Emeli Sande, who I'd never heard of, and the song was called 'Next To Me'.

I don't know how long the song has been out around here (it's been a hit in the UK, I think). I got the impression from the interview that it was brand new, but I came across a video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show where she performed it in February.

Regardless, it was the first time I heard it.

I think it's catchy.

And I'm not sure exactly why - maybe timing, maybe just the way it feels - but I think it's going to be huge this summer.

And I like when I'm in on the ground floor of one of those huge summer hits.