New Thing #104: Butter Cake

Butter_CupOn Friday my family and I went to California Pizza Kitchen...or CPK, as it seems to have been rebranded. We were at the mall taking care of another New Thing, and sometimes we like to hit CPK while we're there.

And I'm always a little disappointed by the lack of menu options there - I always expect there to be more.

But there were a couple of new items being offered this time around - one of them being this dessert: Butter Cake.

First of all, I am just so glad there was a dessert I had never had before, otherwise this would be a boring entry about the new bread the restaurant has.

(Not that this is all that much more exciting...but there was really nothing about the bread that set it apart. And while we're going parenthetical let me state that I have nothing against CPK - I understand their bread and butter [no pun intended] is their pizza, but I'm just not into their brand of flat pizza. And not considering that really limits the menu.)

So let's talk about Butter Cake. It sure is buttery. And I don't think butter is the only ingredient...because there is a ton of sugar in that thing. It got really sweet really fast. It should be Sugar Cake.

Our server recommended it with ice cream on top. I'm glad I had that to offset the taste. It was good cake, but it was a little much with the sweetness. It was very much like the shortcake part of strawberry shortcake.

Except much sweeter.