New Thing #8: El Diablo Shrimp

Here we go - my first time writing about food. Last Friday night we went to one of the restaurants the girls love - Margarita's, a Mexican restaurant with a number of locations in New England.

I planned on getting something new to me...but along with the menu was a list of "additions" which the restaurant was trying out for future inclusion on the menu.


I ordered the "El Diablo Shrimp".


Now, time was, all I needed to see was the word "shrimp" to be sold on a menu item. Over the years, I've become less crazy about shrimp - I'm more inclined to be automatically sold on something if it has the word "avocado" in there - but I still love shrimp. So this was kind of a no-brainer stood out among the other "additions" items. (I imagine this is a dish that exists elsewhere, by the way...for the record, I've never had it before.)  The shrimp was sauteed, covered with cheese, and served on a bed of sauteed spinach. It also came with two tortillas, which I used like bread but also like a wrap, putting some shrimp, spinach, and tortilla together a couple of times to mix things up.

It was a little spicier than I expected (the description said nothing about there being a bite to the meal, but maybe the "diablo" in the title was a hint), but it didn't matter. It was good.

As part of ordering from the "additions" menu, the restaurant also asked me to fill out a little survey, which I was happy to do.

As far as food experiences go, this one featured an item not yet on the menu and a survey after I ate.

I'd say that's about as new as a dining experience can get for me.