New Thing #117: A New Suit

New_SuitIt can be hard for me to pull the trigger on major purchases sometimes. I don't know if it's indecision, or the seeming permanence of the decision I'm making (no turning back and all that), but I have to be in the right frame of mind.

Case in point: A little more than a month ago I went to the mall to buy a suit for tonight's big event.

I left empty-handed.

I saw a suit I liked...but I didn't feel like trying it on, I didn't feel like talking to salespeople.

And then a couple of weeks later...I came back and made the purchase.

I just knew the second time I went that I was ready to buy.

The first time I thought I was ready to buy - it turned out I was only ready to look. I packed up the family, we went to the mall, and it turned out that I only wanted to get the lay of the land.

And it worked...I just felt badly dragging everyone out for nothing.

When we went back - still with everyone - I had a plan. I determinedly walked to the rack where the suit I had seen before was, answered the salesperson's "Can I help you?" with a "You certainly can!" (this might be easy for most people, but it is hard for me), and he eyed me, nailed my measurements, had me try on to make sure, helped me with a matching belt (my wife picked the shirt and tie), and there was the sale.

It helped that the guy was so awesome - I've bought only a couple of other suits in my adulthood, and to be honest, they don't fit great. I like a bigger jacket. But, in retrospect, I admit it looks a little silly.

This guy gave me the better-fitting size...and I now own the best-fitting suit I've ever had in my life.

I'll write about the event I wore it for tomorrow.