New Thing #11: A Beard

I have a beard. It's the third time in my life I've grown a beard, so it's not exactly new.

But I would argue any time I grow a beard it's something new.

First of all, each time it comes in, it's a little grayer than it was before.

But if you know me, I'm sure that if you close your eyes and picture what I look like, it's a clean-shaven face.

A beard for me is somewhat new.

The beard won't be permanent. At some point I'll get tired of it and I'll shave.

But it's a fun novelty for a while.

The first time I grew a beard was two years ago. I grew it in the spring, and when the weather got too warm it became too itchy and uncomfortable. So I shaved it, but vowed to grow it back the following year in the winter.

I did. I started it around Christmastime when I was off from school, and it lasted a little into February, I think. It had a shorter duration than I expected.

How long will this one last? I'm not sure. I know I will definitely lose it by April, when I have an event that I do not want to have a beard for. Right now, though, we're in a great place. It's reached a good length - it looks grown-in enough that I don't have to qualify it as a 'work-in-progress', and it's not long enough to need any maintenance yet.


One of the prime benefits of the beard for me is the time it saves me in the morning. I no longer have to shave every morning before work. (A once-or-twice-a-week clean-up around the beard is much less of a morning time commitment.) The family (my wife and daughters) doesn't love it, but I think the fact that everyone knows it isn't permanent is a mark in my favor. can a non-permanent beard remain permanent? Well, that's another "New Thing" that's coming up much sooner than I expected. Stay tuned for an update.