New Thing #124: A Vision In A Cabinet

Wash_Image_LongAt a little before 7pm Friday night I saw it. At about 7:30pm I received confirmation I wasn't crazy.

In between I received three indications I might be.

See, what happened was....well, it does sound kind of crazy now that I think about it...

I saw an image of George Washington in one of my kitchen cabinets.

Go ahead and take a close look at that picture above.

I'm talking about the left-most cabinet, below the reflection of the light.

It may not hit you at first - it took my brother a couple of looks before he went from being one of three people to think I was nuts to the only one who confirmed what I saw.

(After I posted the picture on Twitter he first said, "I think there was something else in that Beet Burger." [It wasn't meat! HA! That will never get old.] But after I exclaimed that I couldn't believe he didn't see it he wrote, "whoa. Not gonna lie, just saw it. I was fully prepared to make fun of you again, also. Bummer." So it's possible you'll see it. Joining him in disbelief, by the way, were my friend Dave [via Twitter], and my wife, who didn't see it live and in person.)

Anyway, I've lived in this house for 8 years and I hadn't seen this happen until now, so I guess it's OK if it takes you a minute or two.

Wash_Image_TightThe funny thing about it, though, is that the closer you get to the image, the less recognizable it gets:

What does it mean? Is it like that time the crying statue of the Virgin Mary was in my neighborhood and people lined up around the block to get a look? Will a museum come calling to accept it as an exhibit? Will it hit the news like those Jesus faces in grilled cheese sandwiches?

Am I just working too hard and, like Dave said, is it that "summer break can't come fast enough"?

I think that's just absolutely ridiculous.

Because clearly it means that George Washington is trying to send me  a message through my cabinet.