40 of Kathy's Favorite Things


(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 27)

Back to enjoying my time off this week...and recovering from all the build-up to my birthday.

This week the Sunday Paper is in Kathy's hands...

She liked what I did in the 40 days leading up to my birthday so much that she gave it a whirl herself.


Not sure if you heard, but it was John’s birthday yesterday. (Happy 40th!) He tends to be pretty hush-hush about these kinds of things, so it’s understandable if you didn’t know about it. If you are a follower of John’s Facebook page (please “like” it if you don’t already!), you saw that he recently posted 40 of his favorite things. So here on my takeover week of his blog, I decided to post for you 40 of my favorite things.

Here they are, and as with John’s, they are in no particular order. I’m not posting explanations of each like John did, but if you want to know more about any of them, please ask!

  1. Mocha chip ice cream

  2. Bacon cheeseburgers

  3. A fresh lobster

  4. Bread

  5. Breakfast

  6. My kids

  7. John

  8. My Healy and Sucich families

  9. Dartmouth

  10. Beacon Hill

  11. Hiking

  12. The Great Gatsby

  13. Poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay

  14. Harry Potter

  15. NY Times Crossword

  16. London

  17. Washington, DC

  18. Craigville Beach

  19. Keane

  20. Charlie Puth

  21. Josh Groban

  22. My morning exercise routine

  23. Coffee

  24. Wine

  25. Jack’s Abby Blood Orange Wheat beer

  26. Dogs

  27. Blazers (like, the women’s jacket)

  28. Next Stop Wonderland

  29. Singin’ in the Rain

  30. My iPhone

  31. My Fitbit

  32. Writing

  33. My job

  34. Learning new things

  35. Playing flute

  36. Watching my kids play softball and dance

  37. Visiting ballparks with John

  38. A paper calendar

  39. To-do lists

  40. The sunrise


Framingham Comedy Weekend is less than three weeks away. Will I see you there? John is hosting all three nights (July 26th at Exhibit ‘A’ Brewery, July 27th at Depot 417, and July 28th at Amazing Things Arts Center), and there’s a great lineup of comics who will make you laugh. Buy your tickets today!

What I Recommend

  • I just finished the book Ready Player One and really enjoyed it. Not my usual kind of book, but it was a fun read. I also just read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. She’s really dark, so beware. I just bought another book of hers, Dark Places, which I’m planning to read over vacation.

  • I mentioned that one of the Framingham Comedy Weekend shows is at Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing. Have you tried their Sunday Paper? You should. It’s pretty good. (And an apropos recommendation on this blog.) I’m looking forward to trying their Goody Two Shoes at the comedy show on the 26th.


*I took a couple of months off from both work travel and school, and boy, was it nice to spend more time with the family, even if we did have a crazy spring with softball, dance, and school wrapping up. I just got back from a work trip to Atlanta, Miami, and San Juan. I could definitely see myself going back to Puerto Rico one day.

*Next up: some family travel and then a whirlwind work trip to Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Michigan. Know anything good to do in Traverse City or Saginaw, Michigan? Drop me a line.