Lazy Summer Days

This is how Sarah does the beach...see the Notes section for more details.

This is how Sarah does the beach...see the Notes section for more details.

(Sunday Paper, Volume II, Issue 30)

One more family guest post before we move onto some different voices...and maybe another quick check-in from me next week.

This post is from my sister-in-law Sarah (that's the "wife's sister" variety of sister-in-law), and it starts with a disclaimer:

(Sarah writes: [Disclaimer: My editor/sister suggested I add this disclaimer to let my audience know that though I am currently in a lazy “summer mode”, I am not a full-time lazy person. During the school year, I work as a fifth grade teacher at a school with an extended day. It’s challenging, rewarding, frustrating, fun work. During the school year, the work is nonstop. Summers provide a perfect counterbalance to my norm.])

I have been absolutely lazy this summer. My usual 10:00pm bedtime time has been moved up to 9:00pm, with an occasional 8:30pm smattered in. My body and mind are taking a two month hiatus, and it’s pretty phenomenal. So, yes, I am going to use my guest post to write about how I am basically doing nothing and loving it.

First, I’ll update you on my few summer-time obligations:

1) Working summer school for the month of July, 4 hours a day. I haven’t done this in years but extra money is good incentive. I’m working with 1st and 2nd graders which is a break from my usual 5th grade crowd. While I feared teaching this age group would mainly consist of tying shoelaces and settling petty disputes, I’m finding I was mistaken. My 8 year old niece gave me some insider tips before starting, so I did go into the position with a slight advantage. Other than having had to adjust my humor and intonation to suit my audience, I think it’s going quite well.

2) Per usual, I’m taking an online course. This one is on “Ancient China”. When I signed up, I was excited to learn about ancient dynasties and culture. In theory, I still am. However, as previously stated, I am super lazy and am finding the idea of using my brain on anything academic futile. It will get done, but it assuredly won’t be my best work.

3) Occasional kidsitting for my nieces. This is a highlight for me. They are seriously the best. Smart, interesting, funny, thoughtful, I could go on.  Perhaps most importantly, they think I’m cool. And they think my stories are funny.


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What I've Been Enjoying

*Vacations! I’ve downsized my summer vacations this year, but I still have some trips planned. Already checked off the list is the Cape family vacation. This was a little shorter than our usual stay. Next year, I need it to be longer. Ice cream, beach, and family, what’s not to love?

*Also checked off the list, the Catskills with my college friends. It was fabulous. We stayed in a beautiful mountain home, did a little hiking, but mostly just spent time together - dance parties and ridiculousness ensued.

*Still coming up, a wedding weekend in Mystic (congratulations Nancy and Doug!) and my annual trip to Mount Washington. The most exciting trip, of course, is a southwest road trip with my sister (sorry, John) which includes the Grand Canyon. I have been saying for years that this is my dream vacation. The idea started percolating when I was young and saw the Brady Bunch episode featuring it. Guess, what!?! The Brady Bunch is on Hulu now. After the trip was planned, I re-watched the episode to reminisce and build my excitement. Unfortunately, my memory had twisted up parts of the Grand Canyon episode, the Hawaii episode, and parts of a few other episodes-was Joe Namath  in the Grand Canyon? In reality, the Grand Canyon episode starts with the Bradys stranded in a ghost town after being locked in a jail by a gold miner who stole their station wagon. Fortunately, he eventually returns the car and the Bradys continue on their journey. However, once in the Grand Canyon, Cindy and Bobby pursue a young mysterious American Indian boy and as a result get lost in the Canyon. All ends well with the Bradys but, needless to say, I am hoping my Grand Canyon adventure goes a bit more smoothly.


*In the past few years, I have developed a love for the beach. This may be surprising to those of you who know how militant I am about wearing sunscreen. However, after discovering the beauty of a beach umbrella and spf beach wear, my world has changed.

*If you need any Netflix or Hulu recommendations, ask. I’ve seen it all at this point. I got rid of my cable last fall and it has been awesome.

*Things I take too seriously: all safety issues, including but not limited to sun protection, tick vigilance, counting students on field trips, as well as any strategic game. Things I don’t take seriously enough: keeping my car clean, organizing paperwork in my classroom, folding laundry.

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