Life's A Beach

(Sunday Paper, Volume I, Issue 6)

When I was a kid I didn't love the beach.

We went a lot - Jones Beach, beaches out in Montauk, Amagansett...and I guess I always ended up having a good time.

But given my druthers, I'd rather hang out at the pool.

I guess, if we boil it down, it's all because of the sand.

Here's the thing - the beach was always a more social place. We'd set up camp on the beach, we'd pack a lunch, and over the course of the day we'd see various family members pop by at some point.

Some of our favorite memories happened at the beach, like the time we just sat around on a super foggy day and one of our cousins emerged from the fog like a ballplayer emerging from the corn in 'Field of Dreams'. Or the time my dad left the beach one afternoon to go get us a boogie board from a nearby shop...only to return to find that because of a shark sighting the water was off-limits for the rest of the day.

But I always preferred swimming at a pool, given the option. I didn't feel super comfortable swimming in the ocean...and I HATED the sensation of sand in my pants. And on my legs. And on my feet.

And now I'm here to tell you that I think my views are changing.

These days we get away to Cape Cod for a few days in the summer. And we spend a couple of days at the beach. The kids seem to prefer the hotel pool...but I'm warming up to the beach. The water - Nantucket Sound - is usually calm, unlike the super-windy beach, and - this past week especially - sometimes that water is super warm.

I still don't love the sand on my feet...but I guess because I'm an adult and I don't spend as much time playing in the sand, I don't have a lot of sand in my pants these days.

And, even though they might prefer the pool, hopefully my kids are developing some fond memories of our time at the beach just like I did.


*We're back from vacation, the kids are off to camp, and I'm feeling inspired. Hopefully there'll be some writing updates of note next week.


*Remember that this week begins my stint as Comic Sit-In at The Riot Theater's Stand Up Break In. I'll be there every Thursday night in July and August. Shows start at 9:30, it's only $5, I've had a great time every time I've been there, and it would be great to see you there. (Bear in mind the last Thursday of each month is an open I'll still be there, but you probably don't want to come those nights.)

*If you're up in New Hampshire on Friday, I'll be performing at The Stone Church Comedy Series in Newmarket. Details are available at the event's Facebook page.

*I need to buy new shoes for when I perform. If you know me at all you know this is a crippling decision. If you have any thoughts about the way I dress on stage, I'd love to hear them. I'm not the most fashion-minded person and I'm open to suggestions.

 What I've Been Enjoying

*We've just about hit the halfway mark of the baseball season, and I'm sorry to tell you non-baseball fans that I'm going to have to address the Mets for at least one note a week here. And I can't say I've been "enjoying" the Mets so much lately - they were swept by the Nationals early in the week and that was a real excitement vacuum. But there is something I'm enjoying about the team right now that I think everyone can enjoy: Brandon Nimmo. The guy looks like he's just having a blast playing baseball, and he's gotten off to a hot start and played a role in some important wins over the Cubs in the latter part of the week. I have no idea if the Mets are going to make a run like last year or not, but they're on a long homestand right now and if they're going to make a move now's the time. And Nimmo will likely be a reason why. I think I may have a new favorite player. 


*I saw my brother and my sister this week. My sister has been one of my most faithful readers since the rebirth of the Sunday Paper (and also with the published essays I've done elsewhere). It could be that she's just glad I'm not writing solely about sports anymore, but I'll take her interest any way I can grab it. Turns out my brother, though, doesn't read the entire Sunday Paper, if he reads it at all. He told me last week he read about my car accident, but didn't continue with the rest of it. He alluded to it being too long. So I think from now on, without telling him, I'm going to include down here a little note for him to text me so I know whether or not he's read this far. If you read this, Matt, text me "I read the whole thing." If you care to play, Maire, you can text the same thing to me. And I'll keep score. And the winner will be my favorite sibling. (Heck, anyone who has my cell phone number can play. Maybe I have a former co-worker or a neighbor who could become my favorite sibling.)

*Speaking of doing things for me, this week is my birthday. I know you've probably been scrambling to get me something since I brought this fact up weeks ago, but worry no longer - I don't want anything. Except more readers. So if you're inclined to do anything for my birthday, and you like my writing, share my John Sucich page on Facebook with people you think might also enjoy my work and get me some more page likes. I would love to get more eyeballs on my writing.

*I see you scrambling over to Facebook to see when exactly my birthday is. I'm sorry to tell you that you won't find it there. Maybe you've noticed I'm not a big birthday messenger on Facebook. I'll post something another time about why I don't post my birthday on Facebook. But because you've read this far and are interested in sharing about my page and everything I will reward your loyalty by telling you that my birthday is on Thursday.