Sunday Paper Live!


(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 43)

This week we’re doing something a little different - I’ll be writing the Sunday Paper - Live! - over at the John Sucich Facebook page.

Go there to interact live…

Otherwise you can check back here at the end of the day for the full text.

I think this will be fun.



Good morning! It's time for the Sunday Paper Live! Sometimes I'll get up earlier than everyone else (in the house...I can't speak for everyone) on a Sunday to sneak in an hour or so of work. That's what I'm doing today. Most weeks I'll make sure the Sunday Paper is in order (this week I'm posting this), then buckle down...and if there's audio I'll use the girls' headphones (pictured). Why would I get up so early to do work instead of just doing some work in the afternoon? Well, first of all, no distractions - everyone is asleep. But also...I want to watch football. And if I'm tired from being up so early and decide to take a nap during football, all the better.



(After I realized that I didn’t put that above post in the correct spot on Facebook. [I accidentally put It on my personal page instead of the writing page.])
Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for! The 2018 edition of our pumpkin carving! The girls decided on a unicorn this a unicorn it is.

Sunday Paper Live will continue in just a little bit...keep checking back. I promise I'll put everything on the correct page from now on.

(The Facebook page also has all of our pumpkin art from the past five years. Go there and share yours if you did something cool with your jack-o-lantern this year!)


Unexpected Sunday Paper Live development - we have visitors! If I remember correctly, it's been ten years since we had deer out front like this. Crazy. 


Does someone want to come over and bring me my newspapers from the end of the driveway? (I'm a little frightened of deer when they're this close.)



I've been looking forward to 9:30am for a while. (I mean, like all week, not just because I was up early. But that too.) 

Football in the morning is always fun, and with the Jags-Eagles game in London it makes me feel like I'm living on Hawaii time for the day. Football all. Day. Long.

And now I can sit with my coffee and read the Sunday papers (not to be confused with the Sunday Paper [Live!]) and watch football for a bit...until the next activity for Sunday Paper Live. (Also, have I showered yet? No. That's what halftime is for.)

Worth noting: Also it just so happens that every night I sleep in a Pittsburgh shirt and most mornings I drink from a Pittsburgh Pirates mug...but this morning my Pittsburgh merch does carry a little more significance.



What I’ve Been Enjoying

It may be Sunday Paper Live, but it's still the Sunday Paper - so how about a little What I've Been Enjoying? Big week of Matt Sucich music - did you catch him last week talking with Adam Duritz (of Counting Crows fame) on his podcast? Maybe you checked him out at Cafe 939 on Friday night? (I did - he sounded great and his new stuff was excellent live.)

I know it's hard to believe I'm unbiased about my brother's talent...because I'm not. I'm very biased. But he's very talented. Go check out his Facebook page (tagged above) to find out for yourself.



Midday check-in at the ol' Sunday Paper Live! Everyone doing OK? Need a coffee? I got mine. (Nap's looking unlikely today.)

I'm going to sneak in some raking, see if I can get some of these wet leaves and yard waste bags to the curb, put a dent in the next five weeks of yard work...Shout out to Framingham Public Works - I think they do such great work. (In case you're worried that I'm going to get all stinky again after my shower, don't worry, I didn't shower yet! Oh, did you think I meant halftime of the morning game? No, no no...halftime of the 1pm games.)

OK. Thanks for coming back all day - see you soon.



I'm back! All showered, and I even shaved. Finished with the yardwork obligations for the day - now for a little relaxation. I've told you many times how much I enjoy the Sunday crosswords - I tackle the Globe first, then the Times...but this is my favorite kind of week because it's a weekend with the Acrostic puzzle in the New York Times Magazine, which is a fun little third puzzle for me every other week.

So I'll sit and do the puzzles for a bit and watch some football. A couple more updates to go in Sunday Paper Live. Unless there are more deer and we have to go with a bonus update. Remember that, from this morning? Man, that was crazy.


We're winding things down here for Sunday Paper Live. Thanks for playing along - I think it will just be this post and one more to come...

It's time to get dinner ready, and instead of taking a picture of chicken parm I thought it might be more interesting to try a time-lapse video of me making the chicken parm. So here you go.

(And if you want to see the video you’re going to have to go check out the Facebook page. I’m not spending the time to figure out how to get it posted here.)



Hey, thanks for following along with/reading the Sunday Paper Live! I was running late so couldn’t post before the show but this is where I’m finishing what never fails to be my favorite day of the week. 

This was fun. Thanks for paying attention. We’ll do it again sometime.