View From The Sun

This picture was taken by my sister-in-law on her trip west with Kathy. I think it's the eclipse from Utah. All of my solar eclipse pictures were on Instagram Stories. They were hilarious, but I didn't save them and now they are gone forever.

This picture was taken by my sister-in-law on her trip west with Kathy. I think it's the eclipse from Utah. All of my solar eclipse pictures were on Instagram Stories. They were hilarious, but I didn't save them and now they are gone forever.

(Sunday Paper, Volume II, Issue 35)

It's been a sunny week.

By that I mean it hasn't been rainy...but also, the sun has been the star of the show.

Pun not intended.

(Yes it was. Get used to it. This one is going to be a little silly.)

But it's pretty one-sided.

We're only hearing the perspective from this end - don't you wonder about things from the sun's point of view?

You're in luck.

That's what this Sunday Paper is all about.

(Haha. Sun-day Paper.)



I spent Sunday getting ready for my big day. I knew that Monday all eyes would be on me so I took it kind of easy and rested up.

It was a good move. But I knew it would be.

I'm no dummy.

In fact...I'm quite bright.


I'm sure you took a look at what I had going on Monday. (Hope you wore protective eyewear!)

John didn't have the appropriate eyewear. (He doesn't know this, but I watch John pretty closely. He may think he has only daughters, but I'm his sun.)

John was on Long Island where it was a partial eclipse. He claims to have heard more crickets around the time of maximum coverage, or whatever it's called, and says it got a little chillier, but it was kind of a cooler day anyway so there was probably no change.

And he certainly didn't witness anything like the totality he was watching on TV earlier in the day. (I saw him through the window.)

It got slightly overcast a little later and even though John wasn't wearing any eclipse glasses he took a glance at me and saw some of the moon coverage through the cloud protection. He doesn't know if that will do any kind of damage but his eyes are in such bad shape he thinks it probably doesn't matter.


I spent Tuesday burning John's back.


Since Tuesday was so burn-y I figured I'd relax a little bit today.


Lest you think I'm a terrible being (celestial being, if you will), a word or two about John's sunburn. I have to tell you, he's gotten a lot better about sun protection over the years. 30 years ago he was a reluctant sunscreen applier - he wasn't crazy about the sensation on his skin.

He still doesn't love it, but he knows the consequences if he doesn't do it. But on Tuesday he was on the beach all day and even though he did a good job of applying and reapplying sunscreen, Kathy wasn't with him, so he missed large portions of his back.

And I got him good.

Friday and Saturday

John probably spent more time outside with the moon on Friday and Saturday than he did with me. (Don't get me started on the moon.) And I know on Friday John felt real guilty about not being out in the sun because it was pretty much his last weekday home with the girls and he was inside working on a really beautiful day. And that pretty much wraps up my week. You can't really beat what happened on Monday. 

Remember everyone, don't stare directly at me and make sure you wear sunscreen if you're out in me.

I know you won't care about me again until 2024, but I'll be looking down on you.


*I picked up some work for the year that I may or may not write about in the future. It's something I'm excited about and think I will greatly enjoy, but besides that, it's nice to know that in work that can be inconsistently busy, I'll have at least one or two steady gigs for the foreseeable future.


*We've made it through what I think is the slowest part of the comedy calendar. I've been booking some stuff through the winter, and I'm still looking to be a little busier in the fall. Things get underway this week with a performance Tuesday night at McGreevy's in Boston and then Wednesday night in Manchester, New Hampshire at the Shaskeen.

What I've Been Enjoying 

*I told you a couple of weeks ago that when I was in Washington, D.C. with my dad one of the things we did was visit the International Spy Museum. It was cool, but I wished there was more about the Washington Spy Ring from the Revolutionary War. But it's OK that I didn't learn about that at the museum because I've been diving deep into it elsewhere lately. I've written about the TV series Turn - that show had it's series finale a couple of weeks ago - the actual last episode wasn't great, but the series was outstanding - If you find it on DVR or if AMC shows the episodes again, I'd highly recommend you watch it. I think it went six seasons in all. I also had a book about the Culper spy ring sitting on my bookshelf that I finally read as the series was wrapping up, which was good timing. And, of course, Valiant Ambition was complementary as well. Turn was't 100% factually accurate, but it was so entertaining that I didn't mind the fictionalizations. There was just so much about the show that was enjoyable...including John Simcoe as the baddest bad guy I may have ever seen on any show. And I know I've recommended Turn before (just about a year ago, in fact), but maybe that just reinforces how good I thought it was.


*I'll be honest - I kind of missed the boat on Monday's eclipse. If I knew more in advance what the total eclipse would look like I may have tried to schedule some travel to check it out. That better believe I'm already thinking about April 8, 2024 and finding a spot in New England where we can watch that bad boy.

*I mentioned last week that my friend Kevin was in the path of totality in Columbia, South Carolina. He said it was amazing. He also tweeted this little time lapse of the eclipse which doesn't do it full justice, he says, but is still better than anything I've got:

*Also, while we're on the subject of Twitter, you can follow Kevin at @drkevhull. Or me! @jsucich. and of course, if you didn't come through the Facebook page, give that a like over here! Thank you very much.

*Went to the Mets game on Monday night. It's nearing the end of a very disappointing season, but I sure do love going to Citi Field and the fact that my daughters already love going there as well makes me very happy.

*Sometimes I think, "What if the Sunday Paper really takes off and this is the issue the world reads? Is this the impression of myself I want to give to the world?" And then I write some awful sun puns and laugh at "I spent Tuesday burning John's back" and think, "Yes. This is exactly the impression of myself I want to give the world."