New Thing #177: Caked By Kate

Maeve_CakeI'm no expert in the kitchen. (Well, there are a lot of places I'm no expert. The kitchen is just one.)

But I'm not jealous of people who are experts in the kitchen.

Interestingly, and I'm just coming to this realization as I write this, this is one of the few instances where this is true.

Sometimes I watch certain people who are in a different profession than me (like broadcaster, say) and jealousy creeps in: "I can do that," I think.

But bakers? Chefs? Cooking hobbyists? I support their work and appreciate it tremendously.

Such is the case with my friend Kate.

Within the past year Kate has begun a little baking business - and I can't even begin to tell you about the amazing artistic ability she has in designing and making cakes and cupcakes.

But I'll try.

First I should tell you that we ordered a cake from Kate for our youngest daughter's second birthday last week - we ordered a rainbow cake with chocolate icing. You see the outside of the cake in the picture above. As for the inside:Inside_Cake

Pretty cool, huh?

And believe me when I tell you that probably falls into the 'easy' category of cakes Kate has made.

I've seen Goodnight Moon-themed cupcakes for a baby shower, birthday cakes ranging from Spongebob to race cars to baseball diamonds to Legos.

They're all amazing.

'Caked By Kate' is based in Sudbury, so if you're within driving distance, it's definitely worth checking out. (She delivers all her cakes.) Her Facebook page features all of her creations, so you can see the designs I told you about and get an idea of pricing and such.

And, oh yeah - the cake tasted pretty good too. But I feel like that's almost secondary when you get such a good-looking cake. But we enjoyed it and, if it's possible, liked it even more the next couple of days as we had leftovers from the party.

We'll be repeat other two daughters already have thoughts on what kind of cake designs they want for their birthdays in the fall.