New Thing #178: Gatorade Energy Chews

Gatorade_ChewsI saw that Kevin Durant - Dwayne Wade Gatorade commercial about a million times before I watched it for content rather than story. I liked the circular idea of it the first time I saw it...and then shortly after saw it start with the opposite point of view.

Then I started ignoring it.

Then during the NBA Finals I watched the commercial and realized it wasn't just about the energy drink.

I thought I saw one of those guys pop something into his mouth.

And then I went to a sporting goods store and I saw the energy chews.

I had to at least try them.

The chews come 6 to a pack and they cost $1.99.  I went with the strawberry, since if there are flavors offered of something I haven't tried I usually try to go red for my first taste.

This was a day that I was going for a run at around lunchtime, and I figured I'd pop a chew right before I worked out. Then I read the directions.

Back_Of_Pack"Eat 6 chews 15 minutes prior to exercise or competition."

I was taken aback. Before I had even read the directions I was thinking about eating all six - I wasn't sure for a second if I was just reading it the way I wanted it to read.

But no, that's what it said - go ahead and eat all six. (Six pieces is a serving size, and there's 100 calories per serving, in case you're wondering.) So I ate all six. And I waited 15 minutes, and then I went for my run.

It was a good run. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it was great because I had a handful of energy chews beforehand.

But I kind of like the idea of acceptably having a form of candy before working out.

Although, as my wife cautioned when I told her it was "only $1.99!": "Watch out - $1.99 can add up fast."

Maybe I'll just stick to the usual, free, water before I run in the future.