New Thing #194: Drunk History

Drunk_History I'm not sure where I first heard about Drunk History.

I think it's been advertised recently on the podcasts I listen to.

I know I read about the show in last Sunday's New York Times.

It was an interview with a creator of the show, Derek Waters, and he talked about how the idea came from a conversation he had with Jake Johnson, where after a few drinks Johnson was messing up a story he was trying to tell about Otis Redding.

Johnson is Nick on New Girl, and I think I would pay to watch him tell a story when he was drunk. I think he is very funny.

So that translated to me thinking that this show had to be funny.

Apparently Drunk History was featured on the website Funny or Die (which I have not spent nearly enough time checking out) years ago. Now it's a show on Comedy Central, Tuesday nights at 10pm.

The premise is simple - people tell historical stories while drunk. And while sometimes the actions of the drunk storyteller are funny (the first storyteller on the show last week vomited mid-story), most of the comedy lies in the fact that the stories being told feature big-time actors acting them out.

The first episode featured Bob Odenkirk as Richard Nixon, Jack Black as Elvis Presley, Adam Scott as John Wilkes Booth, and David Grohl (I know, I want to call him Dave too, but he was credited as David), Stephen Merchant, Fred Willard, and Jack McBrayer in lesser roles.

The show employs a researcher, and I think part of its appeal is that the stories are true....although I think I'd do some fact-checking of my own before I took a story I saw on the show to the bank.

It's an entertaining half-hour. Next week's episode goes opposite the All Star Game, so I think I'll be catching that one on the DVR, but it's a good option if you're looking for something to watch on Tuesday nights during the summer. And then I guess there are some old web episodes worth searching for too.

Here - if you have 5-and-a-half minutes, check out the first one produced for Funny or Die - it features Michael Cera as Alexander Hamilton and Jake Johnson (!) as Aaron Burr.